Making good policies
starts with
reliable data

Making policies is difficult to do, making good and lasting policies is even harder. And without independent and verified data pretty much impossible. Thats what USA-Facts are trying to solve. Collecting raw data from sources that are trusted and verified USA-Facts is offering on a wide ranges of topics data for anyone who wants needs it.

The biggest challange is to bring a large amount of data in a simple to understand tool that allows anyone to find what they are looking for. Just like with any project it started with a plan to define how to display and break down data.

USA-Facts map iPad
USA-Facts Covid-19 iPad

Numbers are everything

Creating a website based on data brings withit its own set of challanges. There are many different ways to display data-sets. To aviod making this so complex its important to decide based on the type of data how to display this. This resulted into the development of different layouts/versions on how to display data on the page.

USA-Facts Covid-19 UI Elements

Not just pretty graphs

The power of technoligy is that you can pull data into applications and lay this over other datasets. One of the big advatages of USA-Facts that you have the ability to download the raw datasets. This allows NGO's or other organisations to take the data and use it in a way that make sense to them.

The result

In 2020 USAFacts won the Webby Award in the category &qout;Websites and Mobile Sites Government & Civil Innovation 2020". But more importantly it is now used accross the United States by organisations and govering bodies to find unbaisted data in order to have a clear understand of a wide varitety of subjects all backed by had data.

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