Uppit Server Monitoring

Get notified when
your server is down

Uppit makes it easier for IT specalists to keep on top of things when servers go down. It helps people understand what server is running and what their capacity is. This was a collaboration between Binary Cocoa & Lemo-Design. Its a tool that we ourself really would like but every time we tried to use what was out there we felt that things where either too complicated or to simple.

Building your own tools

We at Lemo-Design are not fans of reinventing the wheel, so for us to start buiding our own too we first wanted to make absolutly certain that there was not already something out there that was doing this. Building something that already excists is not worth spending time on.

Uppit Homepage iPad
Uppit Wiki iPad

1Awkward worked with WeTransfer to devise, prototype, design and develop their mobile application. Our intention was to the change the way people share content. We created a platform for content creators to collect pictures, movies, documents, songs or links from any app they want.

Uppit dashboard page iPad
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