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Tedula is a organsiation that helps no profits with their IT solutions, they specialize in internet services in difficult to reach area's. They been doing so since 2004 and since them employee around 300+ personal around the world. We where ask to help them refresh they online presence.

Great amitions

We started off thinking we only would do a simple redesign but it turned out that Mark Windman Founder & CEO had ambitious ideas. We still remember our first meeting with Mark when he told us about his desire to not only build a website but to create a solution inside the website that allowed costumers to gain insights in their billing and services.

Tedula homepage iPad
Tedula iPad

First things first

Before we do anything we want to understand the clients sector, we do this by talking to people inside the company but also listen to costumer stories and try to find out what it is that makes Tedula special.

We did not need to listen for very long, it was clear that the work that Tedula is doing is important to their costumers and employee's alike. We wanted to make sure that we translate this feeling into the website. This gave us a starting point.

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People and Technoligy

Generaly technoligy companies can be devided by in 2 groups, businesses who focus on the technoligy & companies who focus humans. Tedula falls in the last category, everything they do is with the focus towards the person using the technoligy. We can relate and felt that it was important to expend the website not just with a content that explains what they offer. But also a blog allowing users to see the people behind the business.

Besides this we created a unique dashboard allowing excisting costumers to login and view the state of invoicing and related services and documentation.

The result

As part of the launch we wanted developed a newsletter that would go out to excisting costumers notifieing them that they could from now on view their invoices and related documents inside a online portal. Within the first month 63% of costumers signedup. This was bigger then thei expected, our estimate based on user feedback was 34%. This was a great success and reduced a total of 340 hours in the first month that otherwise would have been spend on account management.

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