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James Tailoring is a revered name in the bespoke tailoring industry in Winchester, UK, with a rich history dating back to the 1870s. With a keen eye for detail and a desire to strike the perfect balance between tradition and technology, James Tailoring has forged deep connections with its clients over the past 140 years. We had the privilege of collaborating with them on the launch of their first-ever multi-lingual e-commerce site, powered by Woocommerce, which showcases their unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality.

The goal

The goal was to revamp the website and create a design that would appeal to a younger male demographic - individuals who are passionate about quality, tradition, and dressing well, while valuing the importance of friendship. However, the project presented a challenge in finding a balance between innovation and authenticity. We aimed to capture the essence of the brand's craftsmanship while also highlighting its commitment to innovation.

A delicate belance between old and new

The biggest challenge we faced was finding a way to balance the expectations of traditional customers while also attracting new ones. These two groups were often at odds, making it a branding challenge. Older customers were resistant to change, while younger audiences were looking for something fresh and new.

After conducting research, we discovered that both groups shared a common interest in "quality". We decided to focus on finding new ways to communicate the quality of James Tailoring's products to both existing and new customers. We invested a lot of effort in creating digital content that explained the craftsmanship behind their garments and how they are built to last a lifetime.

Knowing the brand down to the smallest detail

In order to develop a website that would truly represent James Tailoring, we understood that it was essential to thoroughly research and understand every aspect of the brand. We delved into various areas such as usability principles, information architecture, design, and content of not only our benchmark sites but also those of other fashion brands. This allowed us to gain valuable insights into what works well in the industry and what doesn't.

Furthermore, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn about tailoring directly from the experts themselves. By spending time with people who are passionate about their craft, we gained a deeper understanding of the brand's history and traditions, which helped us to connect the brand with the goals we wanted to achieve.

Although the research phase took some time, we believe that it was well worth the effort, as it enabled us to develop a website that truly reflects the essence of James Tailoring. It is not just a platform to showcase their products, but a digital space that encapsulates their values, craftsmanship, and dedication to quality.

A Flexible Design System

Creating a flexible template was crucial to our goal of highlighting each suit's unique personality. We wanted to showcase all the important elements, such as fabric, color, and fit, as well as offer custom photography, style tips, and related accessories to enhance the overall experience for our customers.

By incorporating a flexible design system, we were able to easily adapt the template to accommodate any changes in the brand's offerings or customer preferences. This allowed us to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the website while still providing the necessary flexibility to cater to individual tastes and needs. Overall, this approach ensured that every suit had its own identity and stood out in a way that resonated with customers.

Redefining a modern fashion lover's experience

We poured our passion into this phase to achieve the best possible outcome. Our brainstorming sessions were divided into three sections:

a) Content - We revisited all the gathered materials and structured them into connected sections to create a fluid story.

b) Creative Concept - We developed ideas and defined how to visualize the story while maintaining the brand's genuine look and feel.

c) Creative Technology & UX - We researched and determined the technologies we could use to complement particular sections of the website to emphasize the content and elevate the overall story. Our focus was on enhancing the user experience with user interaction, video, and motion. Instead of taking a linear path, all teams worked simultaneously and came together to test how it all worked. With the final art direction, all the parts seamlessly fit together and functioned in unison. The iteration process of motion interaction design between UX, video, and frontend departments was extensive and challenging but ultimately rewarding.

The Results

User feedback is an essential component of any website's success, and it was particularly gratifying for us to receive such positive responses from James Tailoring's customers. We had made significant changes to the website production process, and the user feedback was a definite confirmation that our efforts were well worth it.

One of the most significant improvements was the increase in visitor traffic to the site. Compared to the previous year's statistics on the old website, the number of visitors increased by 80% after the launch of the new site. Additionally, the duration of website sessions increased by 140% during the first summer of the launch, indicating that users were engaged and interested in exploring the site's content.

We continued to gather user feedback and made necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible user experience. Ultimately, the success of the new website was a result of the collaborative efforts of the team, the understanding of the brand's values and goals, and the incorporation of innovative technologies to create an engaging and personalized user experience.

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