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Dont want to cook? Foodery is the solution. In 2021 Foodery officially launched in Brussels offering a wide varitety of restuarants that normally dont delivery, but with the help of Foodery they do!

When they approached us to help with the development of this iPhone app we thought the same thing that you might think right now, what about Uber eats, or any of the 10+ other businesses that offer this?

Because we like to be straightforward we asked this question directly to client. And they explained that this was not just like any of those businesses. Foodery does not only offer a delivery service but they actually employ people that deliver. This is a big difference, and makes your delivery faster and easier to follow.

Foodery Frontpage iPhone
Foodery List iPhone

User first

Because the business model is different from similair brands we wanted to make sure that this was clear in how we comunicated to the targeted audience. But before we could do that we did user research, we wanted to define the the journey the costumer would take before during and after using the application. This makes it easier for us to define key moments in the costumer journey and indetify where we need to focus our attention on.

MBTI-Model research

After the costumer journey we felt that we still where missing some insights. To solve this we by using the MBTI-model (Myer Briggs Type Indicator) via a simple feedback form this would help us indeifity more clearly the type of costumer we want to target.

The results where interesting, around 65% of the people filling out the feedback turned out to be "judging", people who fall into the category of "judging" love to plan and leave little room for improvisation. Currently the sector is not very tailored towards these type of people. Ordering food is precieved as a risk for these people, you dont know when the food wel arrive and you don“t know if its any good. Thats why we wanted to make sure that in the application there was plenty of room to leave reviews, and gather information about the different items that you can order.

Foodery impression

Development process

We felt after intial research that we where in a good place to start thinking about the development itself. We started with building out the userflow. We had plenty of competitors to look at, but view who really did it well. We isolated 3 businesses that we felt where doing a good job and took it a step further. We noticed that where most apps stop is once the order was purchased. We wanted to give the user a better experience of what happened after this, we wanted to give the user the ability to talk to the person picking up and delivering the order, and made user that every employee was outfitted with GPS allowing the costumer to track the progress in real time.

Foodery Shopping cart iPhone
Foodery Checkout iPhone

The result

We expected that in Q1 of launch we would recieve between 300/400 orders a month. This was based on the size of the launch campange we held. But this turned out to be way to conservative. In the first month 284 orders came in. As a result we had to quickly adjust some the app because of some user feedback and found some bugs. Also we helped setup a website in order to quickly encourse the amount employees that where needed to delivery the larger then expect volume of orders.

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