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Evital asked to develop a comprehensive branding and digital strategy to create the foundations and tools needed to proactively and effectively support the marketing and promotion of the business and help it pursue its next stage of growth.

We began with a full research phase which included a user experience, content and digital visibility audit of all existing digital channels and a series of brand websites. This included the sale of IA workshops online. Based on our findings, we created a new brand proposition to reinforce Evital's position, present their pioneering spirit and showcase the true promise of working with Evital: creative, innovation and collaboration. We then worked together to create a visual and verbal identity and design a style that would have to stand out in the market, capture the company’s personality and more accurately portray who Evital is today.

Evital frontpage iPad
Evital portfolio iPad

The result

The first month of launching the new website we did a facebook campange helping with exposure. This resulted into a 34% encrease in traffic. This is nice but more importantly via the website within this first month 3 serious leads where generated. Robert Morris, Business Development manager at Evital said it best: Here at Evital we are amazed at the hard work Lemo-Design put into our brand refresh and new website - It really looks fantastic and we've already received some great feedback! It's been a pleasure working with him on this project!

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