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The goal for the project was to create an online presence to sell the product, but also to inform visitors what the product is about and what problem is being solved when purchased. To accomplish this, we developed an eCommerce website in one using WordPress and a plugin called “WooCommerce”.

A digital strategy for the future.

Becoming a market leader in any sector is not possible with ambition, and you don’t have to look far to discover this at Ergatta. Within 2 years they have built a brand that is competing with similar brands that been around for 5+ years.

Ergatta asked Lemo-Design for help. Together we create a plan to build a user-friendly and eCommerce experience that fits the brand.

Ergatta homepage iPhone
Ergatta productpage iPad

In 3 steps to a user-friendly webshop

We separated the project in 3 steps, first we defined the content/scope of the project. After this we developed the website itself. And ending with user research to fine-tune and adjust different elements within the website for a better experience.

1. Content/Scope: how do you support your costumers?

First, we created a “strategy map” we developed an overview of similar brands and try to define their similarities and differences. The result from this research where captures into “client journeys” to better understand what visitors are looking for online.

Normally we would check the result of this research in the real world, talking to exciting customers and check if the findings line up with what customers tell us. This was not an option because of the startup nature of the company.

2. Development: from prototype to webshop

Selling a single product is a different experience than selling a 100. With more than one product the focus for good user experience is being able to find products quickly and easily. With having a single product it’s a different story. We wanted to create a costumer journey that felt like a “discovery” where the last step in this process is the product page itself.

By doing it this way we don’t overwhelm the visitor by giving them all the information at once but lead them over several pages into an understanding of the product and then ending up on the product page to proceed to purchase.

3. User research: How do costumers experience the webshop

We noticed that the approach to splitting up information and ending this with the product page was very successful. Visitors would be better informed and were spending less time flipping between different pages or leave the website.

We also noticed that certain buttons where drawing too much attention compared to other buttons. By using tracking software, we were able to adjust this to define the flow better.

4. Results: Going into series A investment round

In the first year of launching, they had tripled their employee count. Resulting into a better more R&D for their product. In their series A received $35 million in funding. On top of a $5 million seed round.

We are very happy with the results and the future is looking good, we estimate that the home fitness sector is an $8.6 billion industry. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic this will only grow, and that after the pandemic more than 50% of people will keep workout from home.

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