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Ergatta Inc approached us with the goal of launching their new rower within a tight timeframe and creating a distinctive brand identity that would align with the company's values. Our main objective was to establish an online presence for the product, which would not only promote its sale but also inform visitors about its unique features and how it can benefit them.

To achieve this, we used WordPress and the eCommerce plugin "WooCommerce" to create a website that effectively communicates the product's message and enables seamless transactions for customers.

A digital strategy for the future

Achieving market leadership in any sector requires ambition, dedication, and a solid strategy. At Ergatta, we saw firsthand how this combination can pay off. In just two short years, they've established a brand that's competing with other established brands that have been around for five years or more.

When Ergatta approached Lemo-Design for assistance, we knew that their success was the result of a clear understanding of their target audience and a commitment to creating a product that met their needs. We worked closely with them to develop a plan to build a user-friendly eCommerce experience that reflected the brand's identity and values.

Through in-depth research and analysis, we gained a deep understanding of Ergatta's customers, their needs, and their pain points. We used this knowledge to design a website that effectively conveyed the benefits of Ergatta's product, showcased its unique features, and made it easy for customers to purchase.

Our team of designers and developers worked together to create an intuitive user interface that was optimized for desktop and mobile devices. We also implemented an eCommerce platform that made the checkout process easy and streamlined. By focusing on the user experience, we were able to create a digital strategy that aligned with Ergatta's vision and helped them continue to compete and succeed in the market.

Ergatta homepage iPhone
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In 3 steps to a user-friendly webshop

We separated the project in 3 steps, first we defined the content/scope of the project. After this we developed the website itself. And ending with user research to fine-tune and adjust different elements within the website for a better experience.

1. Content/Scope: how do you support your customers?

First, we began by creating a "strategy map" which involved conducting research on similar brands to Ergatta and defining their similarities and differences. The insights we gathered from this research were then captured in "client journeys" to better understand what online visitors are looking for when shopping for similar products.

Typically, we would validate our research findings in the real world by speaking with existing customers to ensure they align with what they tell us. However, due to the startup nature of Ergatta, this was not a feasible option.

2. Development: from prototype to webshop

Selling a single product requires a different approach to creating a good user experience compared to selling multiple products. In the case of a single product, it's important to create a customer journey that feels like a "discovery", with the product page as the final step.

Our approach was to avoid overwhelming the visitor with all the information at once, but instead lead them through several pages to help them understand the product. This way, visitors can discover and learn about the product in a structured and engaging way, which can increase their likelihood of making a purchase.

We created a series of pages that guide the visitor through the product's features, benefits, and how it addresses their needs. This process helps them build an emotional connection with the product, and by the time they reach the product page, they are more likely to be ready to make a purchase.

3. User research: How do costumers experience the webshop

Our approach of splitting up information and leading visitors to the product page was highly effective. It allowed visitors to be better informed and reduced the time they spent flipping between different pages or exiting the website altogether.

During user research, we also discovered that some buttons were drawing too much attention compared to others, which could distract visitors from their intended actions. Using tracking software, we were able to identify and adjust these buttons to improve the flow of the user journey and minimize distractions.

4. Results: Going into series A investment round

Ergatta's growth has been impressive since the launch of their product. They were able to triple their employee count within the first year, allowing them to invest more in research and development for their product. In their series A investment round, they were able to secure $35 million in funding, building on top of their $5 million seed round.

These results are a testament to the success of the digital strategy we created together. Looking into the future, the home fitness sector is estimated to be an $8.6 billion industry, and with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift towards home workouts, this number is only expected to grow. It is projected that more than 50% of people will continue to work out from home even after the pandemic ends. This will help Ergatta's future growth and success in the market.

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