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I am sure you have heard about wine-clubs. Memberships that allow you to order selections of wines every month or so. But Drinksnc is different, they use AI software to suggest wines to you. You can login to your personal dashboard and select wine, after recieving them you can rank them letting the system know which onces you liked and why. Resulting into a better choice next time.

Drinksnc reached out with the request to help them polish up their brand identity. After their first 2 years of growing fast they where ready for the next step and with it comes a look&feel that reflects what they are about. So the journey began.

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Traditional sector, modern technoligy

We started with doing to branding sessions, each session takes 2 hours of brainstorming. This is done in order to have a better understanding of what the companies value is and how to effectively communicate those values to users. Its important in this excerice to look at your brand through your costumers eyes.

After the first sessions it was very clear that for many costumers its hard to understand how AI can help with picking wine. The reason for this is that the sector is very traditional and that technoligy or software is often not assoicated with this.

In the second sessions we tried to pin down the different issues that in the last 2 years where oftend discussed when talking to costumers. This allows us to better predict how to comunicate with costumers and answer their questions before they even have a chance to wonder, resulting in the feeling that the brand understands your needs and desires.

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Talking about AI in a simple way

As often with technoligy you want to find a balance between giving vistors details but not so much that its confusing. Talking about AI technoligy is often a difficult subject. Thats why we decided to personify the AI by visualling it as a robot that can help the user with selecting wine.

This solved two problems, 1. it gives something invisble a face, 2. it helps understand what AI can do for vistors. We wanted to explain to people that after they gave their feedback, the AI would select wines based on this, just like a sommelier would.

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The results

We launched the concept in Q3 in 2020 right before the holidays. We decided that this would be a good moment because from pervious years this is often the busiest time for DrinksNC. Along with the website we also updated their facebook and user Twitter to introduce "Leo" as the latest employee to DrinksNC. We also created a small introduction video to establish Leo's personality.

The feedback from costumers was surprising, 21% of excisting costumers noticed for the first time that their wines where presented by AI. Before those costumers where not aware of this at all.

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