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You may be familiar with wine clubs that offer monthly wine selections to their members. However, Drinksnc takes a different approach. Using AI software, they suggest wines to you based on your preferences. Simply log in to your personal dashboard, select your wines, and rank them after trying them. This feedback helps the system learn your tastes and preferences, leading to even better recommendations in the future.

Drinksnc Homepage

After two years of rapid growth, Drinksnc realized that their brand identity needed refinement to reflect their unique value proposition and differentiate themselves from competitors in the wine industry. They recognized that a strong brand identity would help them establish a stronger emotional connection with their customers and communicate their core values more effectively.

Drinksnc Homepage

To achieve this, they approached us to help them refine their brand identity. They shared their vision and objectives, and we worked collaboratively with them to develop a new look and feel that truly represented who they are as a company. We conducted research to understand their target audience and competitors, and used that information to create a distinctive visual identity that would resonate with their customers.

We explored various options, from typography and color schemes to imagery and messaging, to create a cohesive brand identity that reflected Drinksnc's values, personality, and aspirations. With the new brand identity in place, Drinksnc was able to create a stronger emotional connection with their customers and differentiate themselves from competitors in the market. The journey was a success and we're proud to have been part of it.

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Traditional sector, modern technoligy

When it comes to discussing technology, it's important to strike a balance between providing visitors with enough information without overwhelming them. This is especially true when talking about AI, which can be a difficult subject to grasp. To make things more approachable, we decided to personify the AI as a robot that could help users with wine selection.

This approach solved two problems. First, it gave something that was invisible a face, which made it easier to understand. Second, it helped visitors understand what AI could do for them. We wanted to make it clear that after they gave their feedback, the AI would use it to select wines just like a sommelier would.

Talking about AI in a simple way

As often with technoligy you want to find a balance between giving vistors details but not so much that its confusing. Talking about AI technoligy is often a difficult subject. Thats why we decided to personify the AI by visualling it as a robot that can help the user with selecting wine.

This solved two problems, 1. it gives something invisble a face, 2. it helps understand what AI can do for vistors. We wanted to explain to people that after they gave their feedback, the AI would select wines based on this, just like a sommelier would.

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The results

We launched the concept in Q3 of 2020, just in time for the holiday season. We chose this time strategically, as it is traditionally the busiest time of the year for DrinksNC. In addition to updating the website, we also revamped their Facebook and Twitter pages to introduce "Leo", the latest employee at DrinksNC. To help establish Leo's personality, we created a short introductory video.

The feedback we received from customers was surprising - 21% of existing customers had not been aware that their wine selections were made with the help of AI before. This finding reinforced our earlier observations that the traditional nature of the wine industry made it difficult for customers to understand how AI could be used to select wines. We were pleased to see that our efforts in personifying the AI with naming it "Leo" had helped to address this issue and make the AI technology more accessible and relatable to customers.

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