Tired of rental companes?
Rent a car from real people!

With Autophant's simple and secure process users can rent virchels near them with USD, GBP, or Euro's. Order prices are fixed, this approach allows for transparansy for renter and owner.

A look behind the curtain

The structure and strategy of how we helped to sell autphant’s killer product is all in the strategy. Although very familiar at its core, the landing page redirecting the user attention directly towards action. Allowing them to discover to more in-depth pages of each feature as they continue to search for their virchel, inside each of these steps we had to get more creative. With the visual aid of illustration, and by playing with different grid allignments, we were able to create distinctive pages that really shine on their own and keep the user engaged along the process.

Autophant Login screen iPhone
Realtyless map iPad
Realtyless map iPad

Picking the right Typography

Once the structure is in place, we begin by trying out a few fonts that can help with setting the visual tone for the entire application. We opted for "Inter", a modern font that is nutral in its personality, but delicate enough to give Autphant a modern, yet professional look.

Browser UI

Fresh coat of paint

By looking at the tough competition of the the major players in the car rental sector, we decided that the best way to fit in was to stand out. The most immediate solution was through a distinctive color palette, that relies on the power of a vibrant pink coexisting with a bright green. Exciting and clear.

Autophant Color System

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